Our grass fed and grass finished beef is grown using no chemicals, grains, antibiotics or hormones.  We are very concerned with the quality of meat we eat and make available to others.  We only want to eat the healthiest clean meat and we think you do too.


We only offer products that are raised to our strict standards and if we didn’t grow it ourselves, we only buy from people we know use our same methodology.  Our cows are treated respectfully and kindly.  We believe stressed cows are mistreated cows and that their meat will not have a fresh clean taste.

Our beef and pork products are processed at Hamilton Meat in Weatherford.  They are Texas inspected and we are licensed to sell our products by the pound.  We invite anyone who is willing to come and visit our farm, see our operation and meet our animals.



We recommend salting each side of the steak with Kosher salt after thawing.  Place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes up to 24 hours.  Rinse the outside well and pat dry.  Sauté, grill or broil.  Sear each side over high heat – then finish over low heat to desired doneness.  Butter and seasonings of your choice may be applied but is not necessary. We recommend using a thermometer with a probe inserted in the side (not top) of the meat to determine its doneness.  Rare to medium is best to keep the meat juicy.  After cooking – tent with foil and allow to stand for 5-10 minutes to allow the juices to be absorbed before carving or serving.


Prep Time: Varies

Cook Time: Varies






Extra rare




Medium rare





Medium well







Deep red color and barely warm. Feels soft and squishy.

Center is bright red, pinkish toward the outside and warm throughout. Soft to the touch.

Center is very pink, brownish toward the outside, slightly hot.  Yields to the touch, starting to firm up.

Center is light pink, brown toward the outside, hot throughout. Yields to the touch, starting to firm up.

Mostly gray-brown throughout with a hint of pink in the center. Firm to the touch.

Mostly gray-brown throughout with a hint of pink in the center, firm or hard to the touch.






80-100 degrees F


120 - 125 degrees F


130 - 135 degrees F



140 - 145 degrees F


150-155 degrees F



160 degrees F and above



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