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Carolyn White

Carolyn White runs an urban farm in Cedar Hill, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, Texas (yes, a real farm in the city).  Carolyn is retired from Southwestern Bell Telephone Company after a career of 28 years.  Her second career is farming! Her lifetime dream was to be a farmer.  She and her husband both have a great love for the land, animals and farming.


In early 2014, Carolyn graduated from the Beginning Women Farmer’s program taught by Holistic Management International.  This program is underwritten by a grant from the USDA to encourage women to begin farming.  While participating in this program, Carolyn learned to judge the makeup of the land, determine organic ways of restoring and growing more fertile soil, grazing lands and fruit and vegetables.  Lessons in Marketing, grazing plans, problem resolution, enterprise development and financial responsibility were included – everything to help a farmer be successful.

Honey's Acres Farm

Our vision for Honey’s Acres is to dedicate the facility to God without whom none of it would be possible.  We want a peaceful environment where God’s presence is felt. We want to give our children and grandchildren the vision of what we are envisioning so they can support it rather than resent it.

We want to be a working farm that grows all types of vegetables, chickens, milk and beef to cover a broad spectrum of healthy eating.  We want to  be able to grow enough food and meat to provide for our family (parents, siblings and our children).  Livestock that our grandchildren can raise themselves and enjoy will help them to be connected to a balanced environment.  We want to make our decisions based on current needs but that pay it forward for generations to come.


We are dedicated to growing our animals and produce in an environment that is as chemical free as possible so that the soil can be returned to a healthier state.  It is important to us to grow our animals in a stress-free environment so that they will have a good life and produce healthy offspring and eventually clean healthy meat.


Goals specific to the properties under our stewardship will allow close interaction with its restoration to health.  We will review our goals at least quarterly to determine if vision and goals are on track or if they need to be adjusted.


Honey’s Acres will be a conducive and supportive environment for our children and grandchildren if they want to learn to develop the skills and experience of any aspect of farming.  When the opportunity arises, we would like to teach others what we have learned.


Our desire is to utilize holistic management practices so that we are good stewards of what has been given to us to manage so that we leave the land better than when it was obtained.


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